Bloodline Bandra


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Excerpt: Book I

Expressing obscenity or talking about sex without sounding “dirty” was classic Pali Village doublespeak.

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot speaking to Thelma Two Teeth.

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot: “Ah-Ray- Thelma!”

Thelma Two Teeth: “What men, what you want bugger. I can see your leg is shaking.”

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A- Lot: “My hands are scratching men. If your hands are scratching like mine are scratching, we can scratch together, no……. Maybe we can bleddy, you know….”

Thelma Two Teeth: “You know wot men, I feel same.”

Tommy- Eat- Shit- A –Lot: “Let us go to Band Stand, sit behind the rocks and bleddy make Happy Divali men.”

What the couple wanted to do was fornicate, hidden from public view, behind the black rocks at the sea side at Bandra’s, Land’s End, Band Stand; and Diwali, is a festival of hot fire works, lighting lubricated erect wicks of lamps, and passionate sweet celebration.


Excerpt: Book II

“Why? Why?” He screamed. “I cannot climb another mountain. Take my life. I don’t have the guts to kill myself. What have I done to deserve this? What have I done?” David Cabral lay there in the dirt, clutching his knees, begging for an answer. “Why have you done this to me? Why?” People passed him by, some stared at his trembling body lying in the mud.

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