Big News Live Covers Bloodline Bandra

The book of Godfrey Joseph Pereira, Bloodline Bandra, tells the story of how a boy from Bandra, Bombay is trapped in Legal Slavery by his own people, the Indians, in New York City and this brutality of the story will shock the readers. The book is an engrossing tale of love and loss, of home and homelessness.
The protagonist, David Cabral, a journalist and also one of the originals, an East Indian from Pali, manages to move from his village and head to New York to chase the big American dream. But after reaching there, his dream crashes as he isn’t able to make both ends meet.
This is his story narrated by the soul of David Cabral. Bloodline Bandra Part I describe and interpret the complex rustic life style of the East Indians in Pali Village where its inhabitants speak a vibrant, funny and thoroughly entertaining form of English.
What is more difficult was that he couldn’t collect enough money to head back to India. In between, he finds solace in a Japanese cello student, with whom he falls in love. But that too isn’t promising because of their cultural differences.
This book captures with flair and humours favourable language of the East Indians, life in the tight-knit community of Pali village and a way of life that is dying. This is the truth of what many Indians do to their fellow Indians abroad.


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