Red Elephant covers Godfrey J Pereira


Written by Godfrey Pereira, the author of Bloodline Bandra, for the International Day of Abolition of Slavery.

The numbers have been crunched, studies by experts published, smart talking heads with impeccable credentials on  television spout their in depth knowledge on slavery every other week and international bodies with good intentions make bad decisions on how to go about tackling slavery. Social media prophets, sitting in the dark, shine a light on what they think are remedies, and international names lend their stardust  “For The Cause”. The data on modern day slavery is there, for all to see, all over the world. To repeat it here would be another impotent boring lecture given to the deaf. Great organizations like A 21 Campaign, Anti-Slavery International, and the Dalit Freedom Network U.K. are all fighting a losing battle.

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